Our top-quality pralines under your brand name

Numerous retail chains and distributors sell our top-quality Belgian pralines under their own brand name. Several retailers have relied on punctual deliveries of ‘their’ Belgian pralines for over 30 years now. The possibilities for private label pralines are virtually limitless. Either you can choose pralines from our existing assortment or we can develop exclusive customised pralines to specifically please your palate. We also offer a comprehensive service for the design of suitable packaging. Come and visit us: we’ll be happy to let you taste our exceptional Belgian pralines.

Private label is our core business

Before we launched our own praline brand in 2008, we had already been making private label pralines for many decades. Close and highly flexible cooperation with retailers, distributors and exporters is part of our commercial DNA.

We make every effort to develop a long-term partnership. You can count on a comprehensive service, from praline to packaging, and you get to decide how we deliver your private label pralines: in the desired customised packaging or in bulk.

Private Label

Large volumes of … traditional pralines

The traditional quality of our Belgian pralines is paramount. We make no concessions in terms of taste or quality. 

All our fillings are made 100% in-house from the finest raw materials. The finishing of the pralines is still largely done by hand in the traditional way. Our qualified chocolatiers and passionate employees demonstrate their sense of taste and their eye for detail every day. 

We combine this traditional approach with modern production methods. As a result, as well as smaller orders, large production volumes are also possible.

Delicious fillings developed in-house

The fillings are the result of our very own recipes. Each filling is prepared in our own kitchen from the raw materials. This expertise allows us to develop customised fillings with matching pralines made according to your taste specifications.

You tell us what your customers appreciate, and we will develop the filling and the praline. Together we will come up with a lovely assortment of your private label pralines. Because we do everything in-house, we can create a new customised praline in record time.

Sustainable chocolate from Barry Callebaut

Our pralines are made exclusively with quality chocolate from Barry Callebaut. For full and consistent flavour, we use only sustainably grown single-origin cocoa from Ivory Coast.

To allow that full flavour to develop, our cocoa beans undergo a 100% natural, biologically stimulated fermentation process at the plantation. 

Thanks to our involvement in the Barry Callebaut Cocoa Horizon quality programme, we are sure to have the best and most sustainably grown cocoa at our disposal. Within this programme, the cocoa farmers receive fair prices for their work, and local social causes receive the necessary support.

Hoeveelheid Pralines
Aa Brc Certific

Top-level ‘AA’ rating from BRC 

For many years we have held BRC certification with AA rating – the ultimate proof of our quality. Only food companies that meet the highest standards of food safety, quality and hygiene receive this rating. All these criteria are verified by independent audits.

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