Three generations of craftsmanship

The Belgian pralines that Caluwé Artisan Chocolatier makes today are the result of almost 50 years of craftsmanship. When Georges and Julie Caluwé decided to start a small praline company in 1968, little could they have known that a few decades later Caluwé would be exporting to more than twenty countries.

The secret of Caluwé Artisan Chocolatier’s success lies in the passion for exceptional Belgian pralines. It was this passion that led Georges and Julie Caluwé to the decision in 1968 to give up their bakery in Rupelmonde. Right from day one, quality was at the core of the praline business they started in Wommelgem.

Caluwe Generaties

Keeping the family tradition going

George and Julie’s grandson Koen Caluwé, who has been keeping the family tradition going since 2007, with the same passion and the utmost respect for the past, runs the business today. Despite rapid growth, commercial professionalisation and ongoing expansion, love of the product is still the leitmotif. Today we continue our quest for new recipes and ingredients to launch innovative and tasty pralines.

Authentic in-house flavours

That same passion is what drives George and Julie’s son Alberic Caluwé to develop new fillings and pralines. He too is a passionate chocolatier, never happier than when he is spending hours searching for the ideal recipe for the perfect praline. The existing assortment of pralines still consists largely of Alberic’s authentic home-made flavours.


Team of chocolatiers

Traditional craftsmanship still has the place it deserves within contemporary production methods. Man and machine work together: only in this way can Caluwé Artisan Chocolatier pralines be given their authentic exceptional taste and refined finish. To keep this promise, Caluwé has a team of over 40 specialised employees, including several qualified chocolatiers.

Our goal

With respect for the past and appreciation for our history and for previous generations, but with our gaze directed resolutely towards the future, we are at the service of our colleagues, customers, partners, shareholders and suppliers every single day.

Together, we are building a sustainable society that does  business wisely.

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